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ts - Jackie ❤️ hbd Taylor🎂🎉 (@sunset.babe) Instagram Profile Photosunset.babe

ts - Jackie ❤️ hbd Taylor🎂🎉

happy birthday part 2. @taylorswift I love you so1669151175197723446

happy birthday part 2. @taylorswiftI love you so much, you mean everything to me thank you for being in our lives.#taylorswift#taylorswiftedit#omgpage#reputation#happybirthdaytaylorswift

Swiftie Forever☄ (@taylor_excellent) Instagram Profile Phototaylor_excellent

Swiftie Forever☄

My baby, I do not know how to say. But you were al 1669150975314031678

My baby, I do not know how to say. But you were always there for me. Even when laughing, crying and sleeping. I've lived all your memories with your songs. You're the reason I felt good. You said things I feel in your songs. I may never have seen you. But you are as close as my family to me. I've only loved you for that beautiful heart. Again and again. I hope you 28 years old and you just cry in happiness for the rest of your life. I love you as much as my heart. You were born well. When I think of Tim McGraw, beautiful hearted girl coming to mind. Happy Birthday. @taylorswift#taylorswift

singinginthedark (@_singinginthedark_) Instagram Profile Photo_singinginthedark_




Kimberly➹⠀♡⠀☯ (@candyzkim) Instagram Profile Photocandyzkim


Happy Birthday @taylorswift your music has meant t 1669150321128845281

Happy Birthday @taylorswiftyour music has meant the world to me over the years and continues to be a big part of my life ily!