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E L L YJ A R V I S 💋 ( Instagram Profile

E L L YJ A R V I S 💋

It’s not about perfectIt’s not about getting ski 1670002502501026288

It’s not about perfectIt’s not about getting skinnyIt’s not about never treating yourselfIt’s not about being better than the next personIt’s about effortIt’s about getting strongerand having more energyIt’s about balancing your mealsAaannnddd...... It’s about being better than you were yesterday and learning to love the processThat’s when the true transformation happens!#liveyourbestlife#pathwithpurpose#wellnessweekend#health#priorities#bodypositive#strength#balance#eatright#dairyfree#startyourlife#todayisyourday#make2018#yours#itsyouryear#bodytransformation#bodytransformationsareforeveeybody

If nothing else, remember this today! You are amaz 1669966905240301409

If nothing else, remember this today! You are amazing! You are worthy! You deserve to be happy! #selfbeliefiskeytoyoursuccess#todayisyourday#progressionnotperfection#youareamazing#youareworthy#youcandothis

Anxiety, Mindset & Life Coach💛 (@a.happy.mind) Instagram Profile Photoa.happy.mind

Anxiety, Mindset & Life Coach💛

N E V E RG I V EU PThis post is honest and fr 1669943429848601086

N E V E RG I V EU PThis post is honest and from MY heart.People often say to me ‘How are you so strong?’ ‘How have you done it?’Life has thrown me some tough times. Very tough times. The toughest.I have experienced things as a child, that most adults are yet to endure.I have been overcome with anxiety, insecurity and self doubt all too often.I have listened to criticism and judgement and taken it as fact - stopping me from being my true self.BUT NOWI work hard to create a life I am proud of and I love.My days are long but amazing and fruitful.I am paid to write for a global magazine.I coach women 1:1 all over the world.I have women joining my workshops constantly, to start showing up for themselves, like I did for myself.I have my own office.Life is what you make it - don’t ever be the reason you don’t progress.Nothing is impossible.I have grown from my experiences and now run my own business, coaching my lovely clients to overcome their tough times, find their strength and grow from their own stories.Make TODAY yours...Deal?

Eleakim Cribe (@thesweetlifeofec) Instagram Profile Photothesweetlifeofec

Eleakim Cribe

#planning is part of every business, goal, promise 1669868685203231408

#planningis part of every business, goal, promise, at times vacation, life. As I said the plan it self has no meaning. Yet having a plan and exciting it is extremelyimport to.what to do in the beginning? what you need to excute next? As how fare are you in what section of your plan. Beware changes can change and sometimes you may need to though it out completely and start a new plan. Plan only to have succeed and ignore plan B it will distract you from plan a. What I mean is say, focus on one idea within your plan and not two planes and 2 different ideas. Keep checking you plan, daily or weekly to make sure your on track, having progress. This way you know your spending time on the things that get you somewhere and not the things that well do nothing. Spend a short time planning, so that you can get out there and begin excuting your plan for success. Have a great day.#motivation#thursday#todayisyourday#success#mlm#mindset#mindfulness#bestyou#bebetter#alwaymovingforward#bestofyourself #bestofyou#millionairemindset#doityoday#justdoit#gettoit#yourlife#planforsuccess

Na Vianoce nechcem nič iba byť s mojou rodinou ..1669818293290995051

Na Vianoce nechcem nič iba byť s mojou rodinou .. smiať sa.. rozprávať sa.. časom sa menia aj hodnoty a aj priority.. som veľmi rada za ludí ktorých mám okolo seba a aj za vás .. ja dnes už len oddych ️️ 🤪🤪🤷‍️️️️#haveanicenight#smile#blondgirl #carpediem#positivevibes#karma️#todayisyourday#positiveenergy#instagood#