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Dr. Michael McCutcheon (@thedrmichael) Instagram Profile Photothedrmichael

Dr. Michael McCutcheon

Discovered a cute little bridge 1669751098359185076

Discovered a cute little bridge

JayBee24 (@jb240578) Instagram Profile Photojb240578


First time out #worthit #letsdothis #3D #starwars 1670331097378356541
Allison♎️ (@airabther1022) Instagram Profile Photoairabther1022


GYMBUNNY 🖤🐇🖤 (@kingly_keekee) Instagram Profile Photokingly_keekee


There’s a secret to being truly confident. For yea 1670325120461550647

There’s a secret to being truly confident. For years and years, i focused a lot on my image, my body, my face, my hair... everything all the way down to my toes. I built myself up to accepting that il never be thin like a runway model, il never have straight and long long hair like The Disney movie characters I used to adore. I learned to accept that my beauty doesn’t come from wearing make up and straightening my hair. So I embraced me, my body, my face, my hair and my outer flaws. I was taught to always look presentable, always be pretty, always walk in like a lady; and leave like a lady. All this time spent on perfecting my shell, I didn’t spend much time on healing, protecting and taking care of my inner self. I assumed it was ok to be pretty on the outside and dying on the inside. But it’s not ok, its never ok. True beauty, is one that comes from within, pure confidence is about being confident about who you are as a person not just how you look. Society forces us to focus on our appearance, but what about your inner self, what about being aware of who you are and not what you should be or how you should feel. It took me a very long time to be honest with myself, a lot of us lie to ourselves because lies are comforting- they protect us from the ugly truth... but the truth really does set you free. I AM FINALLY FREE, FREE YOURSELF.#kinglykeekee

You snooze you lose 1670317761479323981

You snooze you lose

Jess Edwards (@travelinjess90) Instagram Profile Phototravelinjess90

Jess Edwards

It may be icy @ times, but there's still gold in t 1670328212151234745

It may be icy @ times, but there's still gold in there. There's also a hot spot that blazes beyond the limits of the sun. It's whatever it needs to be, when it needs to be.Icy on the outside, an inferno inside.Careful not to get frostbite or burned; this one requires skill & isn't for the faint hearted.#travelinjess#me#frozen#blazinghot#beyondsunnylimits#icy#inferno#insideinferno#icyoutside#heartofgold#canyouhandleit#dontgetfrostbite#dontgetburned#becareful#skillrequired#notforthefainthearted#damagedbutadorable#love#layers#goodluck#maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor#work#adventure#worthit

Abigail lawson (@_blu_makeup) Instagram Profile Photo_blu_makeup

Abigail lawson

When your doll highlighter turns up@__dollbeauty 1670327627155315908

When your doll highlighter turns up@__dollbeauty_like a diamomd! “Everything worth having is worth waiting for” thanks guys!! #dollbeauty#dollhighlighter#makeup#worthit#mua#highlight#thebest#glow#hull#makeuponly#undiscovered_muas#cityofculture#christmas