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Neelesha Dhawan (@asymptote_permutations) Instagram Profile Photoasymptote_permutations

Neelesha Dhawan

00.15 15.10.17Maybe its all ruined forever. Mayb 1672119221171506535

00.15 15.10.17Maybe its all ruined forever. Maybe it was doomed from the very beginning. Maybe we shouldn’t have even started talking. Maybe I was too much...?Maybe I was busy keeping myself busy. Maybe I was a fool for ignoring it for too long. Maybe it just started. Maybe it had always been there. Maybe it is how it was always meant to be. Maybe I’m just hyperventilating...But I see it now. I see it all now. Its damaged beyond remedy. It won’t listen, it won’t stand up. It won’t give a second chance. To anyone. It is too far gone. It is too protective. And for once, just for once, I want to sit down and calm my shaky legs and will myself not to cry, not to give up hope, take a breath. - or not //

Jessica Hatch (@jessicanhatch) Instagram Profile Photojessicanhatch

Jessica Hatch

Caution: indulging in this wine may cause plunging 1672119036059667710

Caution: indulging in this wine may cause plunging self-doubt, lack of interest in plot lines that previously interested you, and hour-long Twitter blackouts. Consult your editor prior to consuming.

Max ⚡ Zsol (@maxzsol) Instagram Profile Photomaxzsol

Max ⚡ Zsol

Trying to finalize the details of my novel. This i 1672117051852200438

Trying to finalize the details of my novel. This is the most accurate synopsis of the plot so far. I'm trying to accept chaos as part of the process #amwriting

For those of you reading AXEL I wanted to share my 1672112669963265412

For those of you reading AXEL I wanted to share my character inspiration! I like putting names to faces:) #axel

Tribe Of Poets | #tribeofpoets (@tribeofpoets) Instagram Profile Phototribeofpoets

Tribe Of Poets | #tribeofpoets


Once again, I am impressed as ever with the contributions to the #tribedoesfibonaccichallenge for December.I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people who are using words to change the world! Every time you post I know there are people responding to your words, whether it’s creating with their own words or even just going to the bookstore to scoop a book you’ve posted about!I say all of this to say, PLEASE KEEP WRITING. Please keep dreaming! Keep reading! And keep spreading the wealth of words!Please join me in saying great job to our mentions for the week! out Tribe’s latest blog posts on (link in bio). make sure to subscribe to be the first to know if upcoming events, opportunities, & features...#writingchallenge#writingprompts#writingpromptsdaily#writeordie#writersofinstagram#writerscommunity#writerscircle#writersblock#writersnetwork#poetry#poetrysociety#poetrychallenge#spokenword#spokenwordpoetry#slam#poetryslam#poetrycommunity#poetsunite#poetsofig#herheartpoetry#bymepoetry#wordswithqueens#wordswithkings#wordswithfriends#writersuniverse