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Khải Dư Quan (@kd.quan2601) Instagram Profile Photo kd.quan2601

Khải Dư Quan

image by Khải Dư Quan (@kd.quan2601) with caption : "OMG! Quà sớm từ ng lạ sắp thành ng thân ở Đài Loan kkk :))))) 💋💋💋
#xiexie #jiefu 😆😆😆" - 1698750872481112858
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OMG! Quà sớm từ ng lạ sắp thành ng thân ở Đài Loan kkk :))))) 💋💋💋 #xiexie 😆😆😆

Mathild•A (@vejemathilde) Instagram Profile Photo vejemathilde


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An attempt to cut 3 months of China adventures into a 1 min video... Which - as you can see - was impossible. But it kinda sorta still shows a little bit of all the fun we had! ♥️ Fuqing, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Jinjiang and a lot of other places I literally can't pronounce or spell, but that I definitely never will forget. 💕(This is the part where I would thank so many amazing people, but they don't have instagram in China, so tbh who am I talking to)🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼 Ps. If you haven't been to Asia, please do yourself a favor and go sometime. ♥️ Pps. Don't watch it if you have epilepsy, lol.

Oom Vitanat (@oomvitanat) Instagram Profile Photo oomvitanat

Oom Vitanat

image by Oom Vitanat (@oomvitanat) with caption : "#akhirnya#ygkunanti#xiexie#😚" - 1698653324712169544
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Instagram Image by 연지 (@yjhannahl1225) with caption : "#muji #xiexie @eh_choe_95 #🌛" at Goyang - 1698625109117665044
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#xiexie @eh_choe_95 #🌛

BrianDL1989 (@febriand1989) Instagram Profile Photo febriand1989


💫💫💫 &GABBANA #xiexie 😘