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⚜️PARAMATMA SIRI SADHANA ⚜️ (@prophetasonic) Instagram Profile Photoprophetasonic


Advent Upgrade! Refine your Mandala.11 days of M 1669488724143414946

Advent Upgrade! Refine your Mandala.11 days of Mandalas facilitated by Yogini Extraordinaire Paramatma Siri Sadhana Kaur Khalsa. Seize your chance to align and activate your entire mental, physical, and spiritual circuitry. You know how to register. #space#spaceweatherservice#spaceweathertransmissions#adventure#yoga#healing#thisisit#adventcalendar#mandala#upgrade#khalsa#mastery

Yoga Reliance (@yoga_reliance) Instagram Profile Photoyoga_reliance

Yoga Reliance

"La lucidité est l'action. Vous vous souciez de ce 1669488680269700719

"La lucidité est l'action. Vous vous souciez de ce que vous devez faire et non d'être lucide. Vous êtes déchirés entre l'espérance et ce qui est. Cela engendre le conflit et la confusion, et ce n'est que lorsque vous êtes capables de regarder en face ce qui est qu'il y a lucidité. Ce qui est n'est pas ce qui pourrait ou devrait être..." Jiddu Krishnamurti nous délivre ici un enseignement d'une justesse implacable. Pour être lucide et être dans une action juste être capable d'accepter "ce qui est" est primordial. Déformée ou adaptée la réalité est finalement source de bien des souffrances. Les situations dans nos vies sont ce qu'elles sont. Ce que nous pouvons changer c'est le regard que nous portons dessus. La bienveillance est un début, la douceur et l'amour une continuité. C'est en acceptant ce qui est que je peux être libre d'être dans l'action juste pour moi à cet instant.#penseedujour#penseespositives#méditation#yoga#lucidité#krishnamurti

Peace Yoga Berlin (@peaceyogaberlin) Instagram Profile Photopeaceyogaberlin

Peace Yoga Berlin

Lust, die Welt auf den Kopf zu stellen? Im Januar1669488657655209019

Lust, die Welt auf den Kopf zu stellen? Im Januar und im März bieten wir wieder unseren beliebten Umkehrhaltungsworkshop an: 20.1. mit @rebecca_fvckluckygohappyund 17.3. mit @sashagerhardund @danasertel- alle Infos auf unserer Website, Link im Profil! #peaceyogaberlin#adhomukavrksasana#handstand#yoga

Yoga - Horses - Nature (@equestrianyogini) Instagram Profile Photoequestrianyogini

Yoga - Horses - Nature

Winter Solstice Celebration with @equestrianyogini 1669488638880388676

Winter Solstice Celebration with @equestrianyoginiAnd @wib_yoga_______Thursday 21st 6-7.30pm_______A celebration of the shortest day and longest night, tuning into the darkness and welcoming Light back into our lives.Meditations and chanting to lift the vibrations and set the season.No asana just all the other parts of Yoga that we rarely get to explore.___Now being held @theyogaroomsuffolkall welcome including your partners and children (all we ask is they respect the silence of meditation)_____Help raise some money for our charities and donates some coins on entry, we’re raising funds for @calmzoneand @antibullyingalliancetwo causes close to Meg and Wibb’s hearts.______No need to book just rock up and be ready for an explosion of energy__________#yoga#celebration#yule#excitement#comingtogether#meditation#chanting#kirtan#love#life#yogaeverydamnday

Luka Ilic (@lukailicluka) Instagram Profile Photolukailicluka

Luka Ilic

 New yoga/acro yoga/aerial yoga challenge!We're1669488299025617560

New yoga/acro yoga/aerial yoga challenge!We're hosting a 10 day instagram challenge to celebrate the coming of 2018 with my partners @aleksic_twins , @ahmandos , @pielattesandpilates , @sonertnpand @esincapastarting December 21st!.#happynewyogayearYou can do yoga / acro yoga / aerial yoga variations of each day's pose! @aleksic_twins& @lukailiclukaand @sonertnp& @esincapawill show acro yoga variations@pielattesandpilateswill show aerial variations@ahmandoswill show yoga variations.All levels welcome!.How to apply:️Repost this picture and invite as many friends as possible to participate with you, since challenges are more fun with more people 🤗️Participate in all 10 days, use the hashtag #happynewyogayearand tag all the hosts so we can see your amazing posts️Follow us hosts:@sonertnp@aleksic_twins@ahmandos@pielattesandpilates@lukailicluka@esincapaand our sponsors (yes, they are many and all are awesome!):@onzie@liforme@arthleticwear@mymalanecklace@myyogawheels@sashka_co@gomacrosince they are the reason we can host these challenges ️.At the end of these 10 days, 7 participants will get special prizes from our generous sponsors.Pose list for those of you who like to plan ahead:Day 1) Throne (acro yoga) - Malasana (yoga) - Butterfly (aerial)Day 2) Any inversionDay 3) Any wheel variationDay 4) Any natarajasana variationDay 5) Warrior 2 or CrescentDay 6) Hangle dangle (acro yoga) - Bird of Paradise (aerial)Day 7) Any mermaid variationDay 8) Any camel/kapotasana variationDay 9) Any split variationDay 10) Front Plank or Bird (acro yoga) - Locust (yoga) - Front bird (aerial).Can't wait to see your inspiring posts soon! Don't forget, the challenge starts on December 21st!

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