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Shaheen Nassar شاهين نصار (@rage_against_the_shaheen) Instagram Profile Photo rage_against_the_shaheen

Shaheen Nassar شاهين نصار

Bio -Gazan exile -Aspiring mall santa -Clark Kent's alter ego -former member of Tupac's Outlawz -Calistinian/ Palifornian -Bad Hombre

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Flash back Funnel Cake, on a saturday

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Actual footage of me serenading the hills of Cocorna

to tailgating condors 3,000 ft above a village just outside of

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🌹 💀 Dia de los Muertos 💀 🌹

image by Shaheen Nassar شاهين نصار (@rage_against_the_shaheen) with caption : "I love Halloween #happyhalloween" - 1638163332774232367
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I love Halloween

Que Enpaz descanse Don Escobar First on our RIP Pablo Escobar tour is • La Catedral: the prison resort he created for himself to escape extradition •hiked into the jungle waterfall where Pablo played as a child •visited Pablo's country club where many attempts against his life were made •visited Pablos grave which overlooks the city •visited the blood stained rooftop he was assassinated •Dipped my bullet necklace into yhe holy water Pablo's sicarios used to dip their bullets in

Insta diary entry : The Stone of Guatapé is a volcanic rock formation that offers a 360 aerial view of the municipality of Antigua

Insta diary entry : The village of boasts a beautiful facade as well as the best damn empanadas you ever did have

image by Shaheen Nassar شاهين نصار (@rage_against_the_shaheen) with caption : "Everyone, this is doge. Doge, this is everyone. #hisnameis #Okami #doge #كلبه" - 1598236810721745749
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Everyone, this is doge. Doge, this is everyone.

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Shoutout to an amazing power couple that was wed this weekend: Nushin the accomplished humanitarian & Ahmed the loveable & lazy Pharmacist. Bless your union, I love you guys!