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Alex Zhang

Bio Engineer👨🏻‍💻 Amateur photographer📸. Live in Nanjing, China 🇨🇳 . Antes viví en 🇵🇭 y 🇮🇳. Ahora estoy trabajando y viajando en Guayaquil, Ecuador 🇪🇨

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Before one month, on Dec 20, 2017, I almost died on this mountain ⛰ . Beacause of that day was a sunny day, so the snow line was very high at that movement. So when I reached 5150 mts high, only rocks surrounded me. I wanna reach to snow line, (After that I realized that was a stupid decision) so I keep climbing until 5200 mts. Then accident happened, because of sun hitting, ice cover of peak melted and made a falling rock rushed to me directly from 5800+ mts. I was in a narrow position so I can’t move to avoid it. Then I was hit......Fortunately it is a lava rock, so it’s not as heavy as the common rock. For gods sake.....



Instagram Image by Alex Zhang (@zxlalex7) with caption : "吃颗芒果~" at CIUDAD CELESTE - 1690391489753221385


Una librería buena en ambato que ya tiene 70 años. Compré un libro “Peter Pan” de idioma español para aprender español todavía en 2018

Crêpe Normandie/ Capuchino à la Menthe. Un buena cafetería 👍👍👍

What a great Christmas holiday. For god sake, this place is so so beautiful! Nice to meet you guys @citizensoftravel Keep going and good luck for your Latin-Trip